What have my efforts paid off with so far in the garden....

I look forward to writing about the meals that these will one day become.  I never had a green thumb and  would regularly kill plants.  Watching some home and garden television, trial and error, lots of patience and hard work, and I think I'm finally starting to have a "yield" out of my garden.  Mainly just a meal or two, here and there, along with several supplemental meal roles per plant.  I'm set on herbs, will be rolling in peaches, and hope to get enough figs to enjoy a few and make some preserves.




 Green Beans








 squash blossom


 heirloom tomatos


  1. Your garden is doing beautifully! Thank goodness you dont have slugs down there or all that would be destroyed overnite!
    Let me know if you get this post....

  2. i got it. wow, I do NOT miss slugs!

  3. Thanks for the spice photos.
    ~gary saunders


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