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Hand Made Ravioli

Zachary requested ravioli for dinner the other day, so I thought...
This will be easy.  Open a can, heat and serve....NOT!
If you have ever read this blog, you know that would not be happening.
He told me that he wanted beef, but I though cheese would be a better option.  So I, of course, made both!
The first thing I did was browned the meat so that it could cool down.  This is so the pasta doesn't start cooking from the heat/steam from the cooked meat.  I simply added some garlic, finely chopped onions and a small amount of marinara.  Set that aside to cool.  I then created the cheese mixture.  ricotta, egg and some grated parmesan.

The next step is the pasta.  Flour, salt and eggs were kneaded together to create a ball of pasta.  I used whole eggs, with some additional yolks.  This helps with the egginess of the pasta, as well as that nice slightly orange color.  After letting it rest for about 30 minutes, I began putting through the pasta machine.  Something therapeutic about …