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Crab Briks and Couscous Fennel Salad

I havent posted in quite a while, but I felt that I just had to for this one. This is something I saw on Jamie Oliver's tv show 15 minute meals.
My family loves crab and fennel, so this was a  no brainer.
First off...$15 worth of lump crab meat!!!
I mixed this with cilantro, lemon zest & juice and a little sweet chili  sauce.  JLiver used preserved lemons and harrisa.   I couldn't find either.  

Take 3 or 4 sheets of filo dough and wrap up the crab mixture so that it looks kind of like a deck of cards.

Here is a close up of what the crab mixture looked like.

A few glugs of olive oil and lightly pan fry the briks. Make sure that you do not burn them, or you may  spontaneously burst into tears. Lump crab is expensive!

The sides are tomato couscous with pine nuts and shredded  fennel, caraway seeds and mint salad.  Jamie used pomegranate seeds, but I couldn't find those either.  I substituted the pine nuts.   I went to FOUR grocery stores to find the missing ingredients …