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Eggs Benedict from Scratch!!!!

My ALL TIME favorite breakfast is Eggs Benedict. I've made it several times, but used to use the package of dry hollandaise mix, which I always thought was ok. Now that I'm in culinary school, things have changed.  Last week we learned the mother sauces, and I made the liquid gold from scratch for the first time.  So 2 days later, I made it at home to create some eggie bennies.
First, I started the clarified butter which is basically to melt whole, unsalted, butter and simmer it until it separates into 3 layers.  Skim out the foam on top, and  strain it to remove all the solids that have settled at the bottom.  The remaining liquid is clarified butter (also called drawn butter for lobster).
Then I grilled the canadian bacon, then did the reduction for the hollandaise.  I also got the water and vinegar ready for the poached eggs. I like to do the swirl method.  Water just hovering at the boiling point is swirled or whirlpooled and then an egg is dropped in from a ramakin. The …