Taste of Addison

So I took the family to Taste of Addison this weekend.  Basically a bunch of local restaurants get together and sell 3 or 4 items cheap so you can sample new things.  I had a few new things and some tasty classics.  Started off with mudbugs!  boiled crawfish, napkins were scare, so this was dangerous.  Wet naps to the rescue a few minutes later.
Also sampled some chicken curry, stuffed meatball sandwich, cuban tamale, chicken empenada,  steak and guiness pie, Korean BBQ - bulgogi sub, chocolate fondue.  Also got a couple of free samples of sake  ;)
We were so stuffed, even at small sample size portions.
They also have a midway and so carnival type rides and games.  Zachary won this tiger popping balloons with darts.
We purchased a cool Himalayan salt lamp that claims to help with migraines and snoring.  I'm skeptical, but its cool to look at so if it doesn't work, its still art.  If it even helps my snoring a microscopic amount.....Dutchie will be greatful.

Storms are a comin, so I'll sign off for now.
It was fondue night tonight, but no photos.  Cheese, oil and chocolate!
Very yummy, but diet has to start back tomorrow  ;(


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