Chicken Wings 3 ways

I carefully choose flavors to create a marinade for my baked wings (first way), set up this photo, combined them perfectly in a bowl.  I went to add the last ingredient, and right at the very last instant, I know, I've had this for a LONG time.  I wonder when it expires?  4 months ago!!!
Hence the red X.  My wife is VERY particular when it comes to food expiration dates.  
By the way...How can they possibly know the EXACT date that it will spoil and no longer be edible??????
These wings got baked in the oven with this orient inspired marinade.
Corn starch and French's fried onion battered wings (2nd way) were up next.  The corn starch puts such a nice crisp on anything fried, so I mixed some in with some flour.  flour/egg&milk/fried onion was the dredge order.  Into the FryDaddy until.....
they looked like THIS!
Chicken wings 3rd way was a simple flour and corn starch dusting, fry, and put into a paper bag with some lemon zest and parmesan.
Some grill roasted corn on the cob...Chicken wings 3 ways....

Flock fed!!!


  1. It won't let me back in my google account for some reason so I can't hit the "like" button but DAMN those look delicious!!!! When is your cookbook coming out???


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