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Stacey's Chicken, Green Chile and Mushroom Enchiladas!!!

My friend, Stacey Harvey Pross, posted a version of this recipe on Facebook. It sounded so good that I had to try it. Starting with her recipe, I added a few Todd Touches and here is what came from it.

Her recipe called for a can a cream of chicken soup.  I'm not a big fan of condensed soups, so I made cream of mushroom soup and used that instead. 

I had some left over roasted chicken, so that's where I started.   Adding green chilies, black olives, tomatillas and cheese completed the filing. One of Staceys suggestions was to use flour tortillas. I wasn't too sure about this, as I would tend to use corn for enchiladas. Showing trust in her, I stuck with the flour.

This is such a departure from traditional enchiladas, that I started to  get a little nervous.  Which was unfounded.   These were AWESOME! The mushroom soup added some rich, creamy mushroomy flavor  that was unexpected, but very welcome.

As suggested in Stacey's post, I enjoyed this with salsa and a mexican …

Persimmon and Rosemary Bundt Cake

I was at Costco a few days ago and saw a package of persimmons. I've never tried them, but been curious.  I bought them and then had to come up with something to do with them. In addition, my rosemary bush is totally out of control and needed some heavy duty trimming.  I plan to make christmas gifts out of the huge rosemary bounty that I now have in my kitchen.  But I digress....
I used my googleskill, and found that there are many recipes that utilize both persimmons and rosemary. Most online searches came back with a bread, cookie or cake. I took that as a sign and started with a cake.  The recipe I used did not include rosemary, but I simply just added rosemary to persimmon pulp.

I peeled and seeded 6 persimmons and then put that into  the food processor and blitzed it up a bit.  I purposefully didn't scrape the sides until the end.  I wanted to have some variety in the size of the pulp pieces.  After I got the smaller consistency that I wanted, then I scraped down the sid…

Dutchess' Birthday At Spoon

For the Dutchess' birthday this year (back in October) I got tickets to Michael Buble'.   This was our 3rd time to see him so I wanted to go to a very nice restaurant to add to the experience. I decided to go to John Tesar's Spoon. We had never been, but John was on Top Chef and Spoon came highly recommended from fellow foodie, Brad Murano. Check him out at:
We made a reservation and when we showed up they asked us if we wanted to sit at the chef's table overlooking the kitchen....yes, please!

The menu was on an iPad, but we knew that we were going to forego that and elect for the tasting menu, at Brad's suggestion.

The first thing that came out was King Salmon with Summer Truffle. This was melt in your mouth awesome.  My first taste of truffle and it was extremely tasty.

The next course was a Sea Scallop, brown butter, dashi and burgundy truffle.   The unami in this dish was phenomenal.  Dutchess' scallop was actually still movin…