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Lasagna Night at Lake Cavanaugh

My cousin, Travis Lawton, is a professional photographer.
While we were in Washington State to meet his 6 month old daughter Lilah, he snapped some photos.  
I wanted to impress my family a bit with some things I learned in culinary school.  I ended up going to  an old family stand mother's lasagna! Since we had lots of people, I decided to make 1 by her exact recipe, and the other one veggie and a bit healthier.

Father fed an even bigger flock! No complaints, but we had LOTS of veggie left over!

Proper Salmon Caesar Salad

I've you've read my blog before, you probably know that I like Jamie Oliver recipes.  As a matter of fact, my favorite recipe of all time...Sorry Mom, is Joliver's proper chicken caesar salad.  I've made it several times, for several people. The key to that salad is to cook the chicken on top of the bread so that the juices drip down and soak into the croutons.  Delicious!
I wanted to try a salmon version, but salmon doesn't have wonderful juice to soak the bread, so I came up with a plan B.
First off, as always, I started with rosemary bacon. mmmmm...bacon.

in a mortar and pestle, I put garlic and anchovy filets.

I made this paste as the base of the dressing.

I used lemon juice, olive oil, sour cream and the garlic-chovy paste to make the dressing.  Mix it up and let it sit in the fridge. I like to add the crumbled bacon to the dressing as it chills, as I think it adds a different dimension of flavor as opposed to the bacon just crumbled  in the salad.  I forgot …

Awesome Chicken/Turkey Burger to Celebrate 4th of July

I wanted to do something a bit special for 4th of July, but I'm a bit  busy with work so I didn't have much time to plan and prepare. So I settled on burgers, but I wanted to do it a bit different than the norm.
I got ground chicken and turkey and mixed it together with hoisin & soy sauce and a little chili paste.  After mixing it together, I let it chill out for a  bit in the fridge to marinate the flavors.

The burger fixins were pretty standard (tomato, red onion, romaine lettuce and pickle), I also added some jalapenos and banana peppers from our garden.  I didn't stop there. I quartered some radishes and served with carrots. I wanted chips, but needed an element that was out of the ordinary.  So I got some purple potatoes and sliced them carefully in the madeline and fried them in the  trusty fry daddy.

Plated along side a Shiner Hefeweizen and this holiday meal was complete.  With a small prayer for all those that have served to allow my family to celebrate freed…

Poached Chicken with Garlic Herb Sauce

So the Dutchess is finally rubbing off on me, and I think I have come around to the whole "being healthier" thang. Since culinary school has added even more to my spare tire, I can almost start my own tire business.
I hope to find a good mix of still eating food and moving MUCH more. So hopefully FFF will include a lot more healthy inspiration,  without resorting to "rabbit food".  After all, our bodies need fats and carbs too, just not as much as we are used to.
I found this recipe in the Food Network magazine. I pretty much stayed with the recipe and just plated it differently, which didn't showcase the fennel or carrots as much as the photo included with the recipe.
I mise en place'd all the needed ingredients which included:  fennel quarters,  carrots, green beans, scallions, a head of garlic, basil, parsley and fennel fronds.

First up was blanching the fennel and carrots to soften them. Remove them and set aside.

In the same pot (on low heat), put bon…