trying to come up with an award winning recipe

So my next step in my foodventure is going to be to enter some cooking/recipe competitions.
We had mentioned a want for taco salad, so I set out to create a unique taco salad recipe.

I created a basic taco meat with ground beef and chicken, browned with tomato paste, salsa, onions and garlic, cumin and a bit of cayenne pepper.  shredded lettuce, alfalfa sprouts and cabbage mixture provide the ruffage.  chopped tomatoes and onion and cheddar cheese are sprinkled around the taco meat, which is placed in a ball on top.
I took some ranch caesar dressing and added some salsa, half and half, cilantro and crumbled gorgonzola cheese, this was drizzled over as a dressing.  Garnished with a lightly fried tortilla shell and some avocado slices.

This is NOT the recipe I would enter into a contest, but what we wanted to eat.  for the award, I would alter in this way...
I made one, but didn't photograph it.  The initial test was positive.

Taco Salad Sandwich-
using the same ingredients, I take a large flour tortilla and dip it into the fryer so as to only fry the ends (if folded in half) and not the middle portion, that will remain as is and uncooked.  This technique allows a tortilla shell to have the crunch of a hard taco, with the pliable edge of a soft taco, and allows for some interesting taco sandwich opportunities.
I plan to add jalapenos and I think I got a pretty fine looking dish


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