Memorial Day 2011

Our BFF's and fellow foodies, the Millers, are the guest chef's for the Memorial Edition of Father Feeds Flock!!!!  The Millers are my son's godparents, and the "better half" Suzy is a fellow food nerd and we bounce ideas off each other now and again.  Their garden expands through their whole yard quite impressively.   They whipped up a paella spread for us that was unique and TD4  (To Die For, if you've never met my mother).  They called it Asian Paella, and it had chicken, snow peas, baby corns and many yummy-ness-es. 
forgive the sun, as it has blown our this iPhone photo

 For dessert we had Reid-made vanilla ice cream with lavender/mint shortbread cookies crumbled over it!  I have to say that I did NOT think this would taste as good as it did!!!!  It complemented the ice cream very well, and added a crunch that took it too another level!!!

Oh wait.... I almost forgot the best part..............
The Miller's had secretly made something they called "cake balls" and they revealed them late in the day after all other yumminess had been had.  These things surpass crack as addicting!!!!!!!!!   
Red Velvet cake balls, covered in chocolate.  I think they may have been sprinkled with additional chocolate as well.  Needless to say.... I ate SEVERAL of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They combine 2 of my favorite culinary velvet cake ad chocolate!!!!!!!!
yeah Suzy!!!!!

A successful holiday meal was enjoyed!!!!!!!


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