Chicken Piccata

I haven't blogged in a while so I came up with this meal so 
that I could pull out the camera and let you guys peer into
my culinary adventures.

I looked through some cook books and came across a Tyler Florence
recipe for veal piccata.  The Dutchess doesn't do veal, so I
changed it to chicken.

First I split, then pounded the chicken breasts.

I dredged it in seasoned flour...

Then a quick egg bath.

Next they went, one at a time, into the cast iron till
they were golden brown.

I put them in the microwave, not turned on, to help
keep them warm while the other 2 cooked.

I cooked some pasta, and started to make the sauce.
The photo isn't too appealing, but make no mistake,
this was delicious.  I deglazed the cast iron with 
white wine, lemon juice and capers and reduced it
to concentrate the flavor.

I plated, on our new white plates, simply by mounding the pasta
then placing the chicken on it and topped it with the 
sauce and then garnished with italian parsley.

This was a 3 thumbs up meal, with even Zachary
almost finishing this massive breast.
he did leave me enough for my lunch.  

Flock fed!


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