Steak, cauliflower au gratin and wedge salad

Zachary wanted steak tonight, and I wanted to cook as I haven't cooked much in the past 2 weeks due to lots of late nights working.
So with groceries purchased, I started marinating the steak with rosemary olive oil and s/p.  I cut up the cauliflower, and added the green beans and a few broccoli crowns from the garden, added cheese, half/half and cheese-it crackers.  It is nice to start having enough yield from the garden to create meals.  This turned out VERY awesome and we will do it again.  The green beans and broccoli added such a great flavor.  The blue cheese wedge salad is becoming my fave.

I put the steak in a hot cast iron skillet and got a good sear on it, then I threw in some shallots and chopped mushy rooms, a pat of butter and then I put the skillet in the oven to complete the cooking process.

I've got the cooking itch, so I expect I will be posting some photos of some yummy meals soon!


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