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Chicken Tikki Masala

We recently got to see an advance screening of the movie The Hundred Foot Journey. It is a very good story and I went in with fairly low expectations. I was completely impressed and left having seen a great movie. Helen Mirrem is great along with the other actors.  The story is basically about 2 competing restaurants that are across the street from one another.  1 Indian and 1 classical French. They are in the French countryside. Lots of food porn for the foodies, rom com for those who like that, and lots of family laughter.  So having been inspired by that.... I had to make something Indian. Chicken Tikki Masala!!!
I headed to my local Kroger Marketplace since I figured they would have the spices  that I needed....NOT! They did not have garam masala. Luckily, I have the whole internet in my pocket, so I found a Pioneer Woman recipe that included the ingredients of garam masala.

Next up was to make the sauce.  I cut up an onion, minced garlic and ginger and sweated them until slightl…