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Rice Balls with Lamb and Shitake Mushrooms

I'm playing the role of a bachelor tonight as the Dutchess and Zach are in Nacogdoches for some grandparents visitin'. To save money on dog/house sitting, I stayed home. So I took advantage.  I usually have to take into account 3 people's likes and dislikes and design menus around that.  Well tonight I was solo.
I went to Kroger not knowing what I wanted to make.  After looking to see what was fresh and plentiful, I decided upon lamb and asparagus. 2 things that would normally cause strife in my home.  Dutchess doesn't  like to eat lamb, and Zach is so against asparagus that he claims he is allergic to it.
The cool thing about this meal is that I came up with it completely on my own.  No recipes or internet suggestions or nothin!
They didn't have any lamb steak today, so I gravitated to the ground lamb. I immediately thought about rice balls that had this lamb included. I also got some shitake mushrooms, shallots & garlic.   All of which I browned in the cast …

Mom's Lasagna

My mother used to make the BEST lasagna!!!! She is smiling down from heaven now, as I again attempt to even come close to the greatness that is Mom's Lasagna! I inherited her cookbooks, which include some handmade notebooks with recipes hand written, typed and cut out of magazines. This particular recipe was typed out, but I also have it hand written on an envelope. I had asked her, about 20 years ago, for the recipe and she wrote it down.  I still have it and used it last night.
I made a few changes, but was true to the spirit. First, I browned some italian sausage and ground bison.

Then I used these ingredients to create the meat sauce.

Which simmered for about 30 minutes.

The cheese sauce is where my mom stood out from  other recipes.  Cottage cheese, egg, parmesan and parsley created the ooey gooey goodness.

Layer the noodles, cheese sauce, meat sauce then slices of mozzarella.  Then repeat the process. What I like to do is create 2 of these and put one in the freezer for a q…