rotesserary (as my mom would have called it) chicken with lemon and thyme

So had the urge to cook it up tonight, so marinated a whole chicken with olive oil, lemons, garden thyme, lemon zest & s/p. let this hang out in a ziplock all day in the refer.

So dinner time comes around, and I slap this thing on the rotisserary, my mother, always and purposefully. flubbed that word.  I took out 3 cubes of some frozen homemade pesto (dill and pecan pesto to be exact).  This survived the freezing process, but did need a little help.  A splash of olive oil and lemon juice and we were back in business.  

Veggies ended up being a saute of broccollini, snow peas, mushy rooms, bean sprouts, garlic and ginger.
Nice wedge salad, doctored the blue cheese dressing by adding half/half and some gorgonzola crumbles.
I sliced the wedges so that the dressing would seep down.

The last thing is that I stole a plating technique from Whiskey Cake, and trimmed all the bones out of the quarter chicken, until the wing, which you could grab and rip off and have a boneless breast left.  Little dab of pesto...did I mention it was homemade (then frozen cause I made way too much) with garden dill and pecans for an exotic and delicious pesto.

and of course I took the carcass, put it in a big pot and threw in some veggies for homemade stock.

Making pork with mustard sauce tomorrow!


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