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Clam Chowder

I rocked the clam chowder in culinary school last week, so I thought I'd share the greatness with my flock.
first I rendered some bacon with some dried rosemary from our garden.

Then I sweated some onions and celery with the bacon, in the bacon fat.  I cooked them until they were tender.

I then added clam juice and scalded milk, and simmered for  40 minutes.

 Then I added the diced potatoes, and cooked it until the potatoes were tender.

The sauce is bubbling and getting close. I added some extra herbs, (tempered) cream and the clams!

I plated in a warm bowl and garnished with some chopped parsley.  I also bought some take & bake french  bread and cooked it, then sliced it and spread butter on top, working it down in between the slices. Then I sprinkled some parsley on top.

When he first sat down, Zachary said "I don't like this", at the  same time he started taking bites, still saying that he didn't want to eat it. The next thing I knew, his bowl was empty. …

Hawaiian Chicken with Pineapple, Lavender Rice and Wilted Spinach, Bok Choy & Kale with Carrots & Parsnips

I had a whole chicken in the freezer, so I took it out a few days ago. Today I "fabricated" it, which is culinary school terms for cutting it up.  After I fabricated it, I placed it in ziplock bag with pineapple chunks and a store bought "hawaiian marinade". I let this sit all day in the fridge.

For the starch, I choose to make lavender rice.

For the vegetable I wanted to make some wilted spinach.  The cool thing is that we also had some bok choy and some kale.  So of course, I combined them and added some extras.

This included carrots, parsnips, bok choy stems and garlic.

I put the marinated chicken parts on the barbecue and grilled it. Then I plated with the culinary traditional white/dark meat mix with a mound of rice and the wilted greens around the edge. The chicken was very flavorful and juicy and the rice had a great lavender flavor to it.  I used apple cider vinegar to cook the greens and it was nice to have the different textures of the veggies.

Overall, …