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Chicken Piccata

I haven't blogged in a while so I came up with this meal so  that I could pull out the camera and let you guys peer into my culinary adventures.
I looked through some cook books and came across a Tyler Florence recipe for veal piccata.  The Dutchess doesn't do veal, so I changed it to chicken.
First I split, then pounded the chicken breasts.

I dredged it in seasoned flour...

Then a quick egg bath.

Next they went, one at a time, into the cast iron till they were golden brown.

I put them in the microwave, not turned on, to help keep them warm while the other 2 cooked.

I cooked some pasta, and started to make the sauce. The photo isn't too appealing, but make no mistake, this was delicious.  I deglazed the cast iron with  white wine, lemon juice and capers and reduced it to concentrate the flavor.

I plated, on our new white plates, simply by mounding the pasta then placing the chicken on it and topped it with the  sauce and then garnished with italian parsley.

This was a 3 t…

Wendy's Berry Almond Chicken Salad

In the interest of full disclosure I must mention that I was contacted by Wendy's and provided a salad to sample.

I also have some blog posts on, one of the posts there is my review of Snappy Salads.  Someone at Wendy's reached out to me to see if I would be interested in receiving a sample before the product was released.  I like free food, so of course, I accepted.

The day came and the sample was delivered to my house.  I have eaten at Wendy's many times and I find it overall to be hot, fresh and one of the better choices for fast food convenience.  They have always had many choices such as baked potatoes, chili and salads. This is the 3rd consecutive year that this salad has been offered for a limited time only.
I'm a fan of Wendy's.  Does that mean that anything they make, or send to  me will be great?  Of course not.  A few dollars for the cost of a salad isn't even close to enough for me to be swayed. Having said that...I loved this sa…