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Coq Au Vin, Mushroom Risotto, glazed turnips/carrots and Tres Leches

Dutchess' grandmother and aunt came to visit so I pulled out some recipe cards from culinary school to impress them.   The first day I made chicken caesar salad and key lime pie.  For day 2 I made coq au vin, mushroom risotto, glazed turnips and tres leches cake (not pictured). I originally was going to just do glazed turnips, but Aunt Susan mentioned that she did not like turnips, so I added the carrots. At dinner, we served family style (I normally plate up, but  for some reason I brought the food to the table for serving), aunt susan took some of both onto her plate.  I noticed at the end that even the turnips were gone.  I take this as a huge compliment, and I appreciate her adventurousness to try them.

Coq Au Vin is chicken braised in red wine with mushroom, pearl onions and croutons.  The taste is amazing.  The chicken was tender and juicy and the red wine sauce with the veggies was absolutely delicious.

While risotto is a bit time consuming, it is so worth it. It turned ou…