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Thanksgiving Pot Pie

So like everyone else, I had some thanksgiving leftovers, and friday I was wondering what else to do with them.  I already had the obligatory turkey, brie and cranberry sandwich. I saw a short cooking segment on the today show, they ALWAYS run out of time and don't show the whole thing.  At the end the chef just mentioned and quickly  showed a small turkey pot pie. BINGO!!! I know what we're eating tonight!
So I quickly looked at a few recipes online, and got the gist of it and then I went for it, using only my brain as a weapon. I started by gathering what I thought would work...turkey, mashed potatoes, baked corn and puffed pastry was all left over from thanksgiving.  I added celery, onion, garlic, chicken stock and frozen peas. I chopped everything up and fired up the cast iron skillet. Olive oil was heated, then I put in the onions,  celery, garlic and corn. After they softened up a bit, I added the turkey, mashed potatoes (and gravy) and chicken stock and a few tablespoons of flour …

Swordfish with Cucumber Sauce

I wanted to cook some swordfish last night for the first time.  I found a good recipe online with and I was off to the races.  Dutchie is doing very well on her diet so we still try to feed the flock with things that we can all eat.  So I added simple lemon asparagus and a salad.  
The swordfish began with onions, garlic, chili paste, worcestershire sauce and lemon juice which all created the initial glaze.  I then grilled it on the stovetop grill.  In the meantime, I chopped cucumbers, and combined it with sour cream, lemon zest, lemon juice and s/p and put in the fridge.
I cheated and used the microwave to heat the asparagus.  I cut slices of lemons and used the pulp to season the asparagus during cooking.  I plated the veggi by inserting several stalks in the middle of the lemon rind.  Was a nice look.
Once the fish was done, I topped it with the cool refreshing cucumber sauce. The glaze had a slight amount of spice/heat to it, but that was brilliantly counteracted by th…