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Gordon Ramsay's Herb Roasted Chicken

Pulled out a cookbook from my favorite chef, Gordon, and found something that is allowed on my wife's diet, Herb Roasted Chicken.  He suggests a potato gratin to go with it, but Dutchie couldn't eat that, not to mention that Zachary called it gross.  Most of the recipes in this book  aren't very easy or practical, but they provide a challenge. I paired this with 2 different sautéed veggies....carrots and green bean beans.   The carrots were cooked with parsley and shallots,  and the beans were cooked with bacon slices. Gordon instructed to remove the legs as they take a bit longer than the breasts to cook, so I roasted them simply with s/p and some herb scraps.  This was Zachary's protein.   For the rest of the bird, I created an herb butter and placed it up under the skin, with a lemon slice.   I used carrots, onion, leek and celery to prop up the chicken and to add flavor.   This is meant to be discarded, but I think I will use that and the carcass to create some  h…