ok, so there not all winners. my seafood grill turned out too spicy

Thought process was rock solid.  New take on a crab boil...do it on the grill with similar ingredients you would see in a traditional crab boil.  corn, potatoes, shrimp, catfish & imitation crab
added broccoli, onion and orange slices (we forgot to get lemons).  I put garden rosemary and chives along with some old bay seasoning. then put it on the grill in my cool new mesh grill pot.
catfish, shrimp and lump imitation crab meat marinated in crab boil seasoning.
Here is where I went wrong.  Both those spices are pretty high on the spice scale.  Whole dish got
thumbs down and we won't eat it, its too spicy.  I LOVED it!!!!  I agree that it was very spicy, the heat eventually got to me towards the end.
cooked separately on the grill, seafood was cooked in a little butter and rosemary infused olive oil.
catfish had just began to break apart when I served it, so next time I will add that a little after the others.

Dumped it all on this big pasta plate with some sliced star fruit, and.......
nothin but complaints.  ;(
Oh well, I will alter this concept and try again until I perfect it.
A nice different take on a clam bake or crab boil.

I had seconds!
with a nice little tupperware container full for lunch tomorrow when all 
the spices have had a chance to incorporate!  I'm thinking adding sirachri too!  ;)


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