VIDEO of me throwing pizza dough

I've already blogged about this meal so I wont bore you, but I made Jamie Oliver's, from scratch, pizza recipe (dough and sauce) again tonight.
So I could make a blog entry I had Dutchie take this video.  We did it twice for the obvious fact that I wanted close ups....We DO own a video production company, in case you forgot.
This is just me tossing the dough and not creating the whole pizza.
Let me know what you think of the video.  Is it better than photos?
Dang the pizzas were good.
Made one pepperoni (turkey pepperoni), one cheese and garlic (by far the best one) and the third was half cheese and half turkey pepp!


  1. I liked the video Todd, it was fun to watch. You make it look so easy to work the dough but I'm sure I would bust a whole right through it!

  2. AFter the camera stopped (I threw 3 total) I started showing off, by using outstretched fingers to catch the dough. This was really fun. It made me nostalgic for my days of doing this for a living! Perrellis is the only shop that we threw the dough, the other two were corporate places that used machines. I'm looking forward to the leftovers. The garlic pizza was "2die4"!!!

  3. This was the first attempt at filming father feeding flock, and we realized afterward that we weren't shooting in HD, which is why the video looks so bad. NEXT time it will be MUCH higher quality.

  4. I love the video! You're a natural! I've been debating on making a video here and there to post as well. I don't do editing so I'm not sure about the outcome. After seeing the amazing videos from "My Drunk Kitchen" and her editing skills, I realized it would have to be edited really well to make it worth while. Maybe I can send to you. ;p


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