Schnitzel on Spätzle!!!! Das ist gut!!!

My camera was running low on battery, 
so just a couple of pics.
I stole the idea for this meal from 
"Diners, Drive-ins & Dives".
Schnitzel on Spätzle.
Schnitzel is a term in Germany, that us southern folks like to call chicken fried.
They both mean some kind of meat that is breaded and fried.
Spätzle is a small noodle that you shove through a colander, to form little nuggets.
I got 3 chicken breasts and pounded them thin with the back of my ladle.  I almost 
bought a meat tenderizing hammer, but they wanted $14.  
My ladle did the trick just fine.  
My dredging station was flour/eggs/panko bread crumbs in that order.
Then you fry these things until they are 
golden brown and crispy.
The Spätzle is basically normal pasta dough, but you push it thru a colander or slotted spoon
held over a pot of boiling water.  The dough drops off in these little nuggets, and you 
boil them for just a few minutes.  Then into a saucepan with butter, lemon and chives to give 
them a little color and more flavor.
I completed the meal with roasted brussels sprouts, 
and a couple of St. Pauli Girls.
MAN, was this good!!!

Der Vater geht international weiter zu seiner Herde zu weiden.
(The father goes international to continue to feed his flock)


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