Simple meat and potatoes? No, a couple of surprises!

This shot is homage to my friend Buddy Broyles!

Zachary requested steak so I headed to Kroger.  I figured steak, mashed potatoes and a veggie, quick and simple.  While in the produce section my eye caught the pablano peppers.  They looked inviting, so I could I use this.
Instantly, I thought pablano mashed potatoes!!!!
First I roasted the pepper on the grill.
after seeping in a ziplock for a few minutes, the skin came right off.  I chopped it up very fine and included it within my mashed taters.  
Butter, sour cream, milk and queso fresco 
crumbles completed this side.
That was the first surprise.
I marinated the nice large T bone steak with 
walnut oil, garlic 
and garden oregano and rosemary and cooked it on the grill.
The second surprise was the homemade steak sauce.  
In my family we
all know this as Cousin Mike's Zesty Sauce, and often refer to it as Mike's sauce.
This is the most awesome-est steak sauce I've ever had.
It's made with butter, ketchup, garlic, soy sauce, 
wish-te-shire and dry mustard. 
It is also great on salmon!
Simple steamed broccoli completed the still simple, but intensely satisfying dish.
Each side of the t bone was removed and we shared it with 3 people, cooked to a perfect 
medium rare.
The mash had just the right amount of pablano flavor, and wasn't hot, but full of flavor.
Mike's sauce did not disappoint...again!

Pondering the mash, I am trying to come up with a hispanic version of shepard's pie that 
would include this on top.  What should I put under it though?
Please give me our suggestions!  

Father will definitely be feeding this meal to his flock again!!


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