Chicken Baked in Salsa with Asparagus and Bulgar Wheat

Armed with a suggestion from Dutchie's uncle Jim, I set out to make chicken baked in salsa!

I had a jar of salsa left over, but it had sit for a few weeks and therefore had lost most of its luster.  Uncle Jim says that he uses his homemade salsa leftovers to cook chicken.  Thus saving the salsa from being thrown away, since it was at its max shelf life.  That sounded so good that I bought a whole chicken, cut it into quarters and placed it in a baking dish with a whole jar of my homemade salsa.
I paired it with asparagus and bulgar wheat with scallions and tomatoes.

I was nervous that Zachary wouldn't eat it, cause of the spice, but he loved the chicken, as well as asparagus.  he is not a fan of bulgar wheat, but as always we insist he tries some.
This created some absolutely moist chicken with the flavor, but no spiciness, from the salsa.
Successful quick and simple meal.
It appears that the father continues to feed his flock!


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