Chicken and Rosemary Dumplings

My first attempt at chicken and dumplings was a success.  Recipe wasn't a traditional one, so I went rogue a bit, it called for bone in chicken breast (not cut up) and it had me remove all solids and thicken the sauce at the end, then pour it over the c&d in a bowl.  I recall the chicken being bite sized and it having a kind of thick soup consistency and it was always ladled out of a dutch oven.
So I got boneless breasts and browned them, then in the drippings I cooked carrots, celery, onion and garlic, then added the chicken back.  I then added water and chicken stock.  Dumplings were easy...flour, rosemary, baking powder, salt and water, then just plop down in tablespoon sized bites.  Once it was cooked, I removed the chicken, veggies and dumplings and added some thickener (flour & corn starch), and brought it to a quick boil.  Then I added some frozen peas when I put everything else back in the dutch oven and viola!!!
I ended up cutting the chicken into manageable chunks before I plated.
Flock has been feed!!!


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