Cornish Game Hens, Corn Soufflé and Twice Baked Potatoes

Cornish game hens started the creative for this meal.  I was going to pair it with my famous baked corn and sour cream casserole, but as I was looking at the recipe book and I noticed a recipe for corn souffle.  Changed my mind since I have seen the recipe MANY times, but never paid it any mind.  
It caught my eye.  Twice baked taters were the starch/carb for the meal.
The game hen was cooked with a shallot/parsley/butter tucked up under the skin.
This both crisped up the skin and made the meat very juicy and tender.
The corn souffle was very interesting.  It did not rise like a typical souffle, but it 
did have the familiar taste, but with savory corn.
I halved the hens and served 1/2 to everyone (yea! leftovers), one twice baked and scoop of awesomeness, and my plate was ready to empty!
I just started 2 large, major video projects, so I'm not sure how often
I will be able to blog for the next month or so.
I know I will squeeze in a few, cause we still are going to eat every day, 
but I'm not sure how many will be blogable.

Zachary begrudgingly ate all of this, but with some hesitation.
Still, I can safely say that the flock has been fed!


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