Taco Night!!!! Garden Jalapenos!!!

Had several jappys from the garden so I was thinking taco night!  
Something I KNOW Zachary likes, and will eat.
Nothing special about this meal, and I wasn't sure it was FFF worthy, but it does showcase the heat from the garden rather well.  Jalapenos and last week's peach salsa (which morphed INTO peach salsa after the heat from the jappys was WAY too much for the family and I had to cut it).  Speaking of that....even though its from the same plant, the red jalapenos you see here, are MUCH hotter than their green cousins.  Dutchie found this out first.  I, of course, kind of liked the burn, but there was a burn!
The green ones are quite tame, but full of flavor.

The peach salsa (have I mentioned we grow peaches lately?) had sat in the fridge for several days and the flavor is much better, still very mild in the heat factor, but very yummy.

Here is the whole chicken taco night set up.

 Notice the Joe. T Garcia tomatillo sauce?  
Love that place and both the sauces.

 the usual suspects for taco fixins.
I had both soft tortillas and tostadas   


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