Summer Corn Chowder

Since the Dallas Mavericks were to win the big game sunday night, I didn't want to spend too much time making dinner.  Go MAVS!!!!!  First Championship Title!!!!  Dallas is a happy town!
Its been so hot here that a soup/chowder didn't really sound like the best idea.  However, Dutchie found a recipe called Summer Corn Chowder.  Sounds great, lets do it!
a recipe that starts with bacon is alright in my book.  Red potatoes, roasted corn (taken off the cob), onions, garlic, tomatoes, home made chicken stock, half and half, and parsley.

This is for sure the first time I've used THIS as an ingredient in cooking....
spent corn cobs!
You put these in while cooking the soup for infused corn flavor, and then add the corn kernels, and remove cobs towards the end.

Not sure how much that helped, 
but the chowder was very creamy and full of corn and potato goodness.
I will give this 2 thumbs up!


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