Father Feeds Flock, does fathers day!!!

I only took final photos for this meal, as I was too excited to take photos as I cooked.  
Since it was fathers day, I took advantage of the question, "What do you want to eat for Father's Day?"
Knowing she has an aversion to both veal and lamb, and I have no problem with veal, but I LOVE lamb...I said, yes dear...lamb would be great.  She said I'll cook you lamb.   SCREEECHHH!  
What?  If anyone is cooking lamb n this house it will be the guy who loves it and cooking. 
 On dad's day, the dad gets to do whatever he wants.........I want to cook!
We had one of my favorites for lunch Cowboy Chicken chicken enchiladas.  If you don't know....I'm sorry.  This place serves some very good yardbird, and the enchiladas are extremely good.  the campfire sides are very tasty as well, I had campfire veggies and famous twice baked potato casserole.
Anyway...I digress.
We went to Central Market to get some good lamb and ended up with lamb loin chops.  over an inch thick, but smaller than your fist, so they were the perfect size.
Seeing what they had veggie-wize, we decided on some exotic red baby carrots and asparagus.  To round out the meal we choose cous cous, and some artesian rolls.
I dont have photos, but basically I made the cilantro/mint sauce with those herbs, olive oil, rice wine vinegar, and honey.  Let it marinate! in the sauce and save the rest to use pour over the chops.  dipping bread and asparagus in the sauce was also awesome.
Grilled the asparagus and carrots, with the lamb, and the meal was complete.
I think I forgot to mention that Dutchie has a moral problem eating veal and lamb, but she loves me so much, that when I asked for a lamb meal, she was willing to indulge with me.
All passed the Zachary test, except for the red carrots.

We will be enjoying peach cake from a few days ago, with vanilla ice cream.
What more could a father ask, then being able to cook one of his favorite meals, for the family he loves?
Have I mentioned, I LOVE to cook????
My mouth will forever water when I think of or hear about this meal...It is THAT good!!!


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