Smoked Chicken and German Potato Salad

Pulled out the smoker today for some yardbird.  Salt and pepper was all I added to season.
I had to fight with the smoker to keep the heat going, but I blame the "new and improved" and "longer lasting" charcoal.  I did get 2 1/2 hours of smoking, then I pulled the plug and finished them in the oven.  
I ran out of charcoal and it wasn't providing enough heat to get the 
middle over 150 degrees (I was looking for 180).

Dutchie came up with the pairing for this.  When I said smoked chicken, she said "lets do a vinegar/mustard based potato salad".  So I found a warm german potato salad recipe online.
The chicken turned out great.  Still had smoky flavor throughout, and was moist and juicy.
The hearty potato salad was very good as well.  Amount of vinegar and ground mustard was just right, and not overpowering as some vinegar based potato salads can be.

Also today, I baked a summer peach cake that we will serve at a dinner party 
we are having tomorrow.  
I've lost a lot of peaches to the birds, and wont get as many 
recipes as I wanted this year.  
I probably will have enough to do another thing or two, 
but numbers are dwindling.

Look at the closeup of this!
My mouth is watering, and I hope it makes it until tomorrow.
I may have to serve it with a slice or two mysteriously missing.


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