Dinner party with Scott & Gab! Thai Tuna noodle with broth

I asked for recipe challenges and have only received one so far...Thai Tuna Noodle with Broth from our friends, and past restauranteurs, Marty & Elizabeth Roper.  I got his challenge quite a while ago, but we were trying to limit carbs, and we aren't doing that anymore, so bring on the noodles.
We invited some friends over, Scott and Gabrielle, to share it with us.
Marty gave very details recipe instructions and I followed them to a t, with the exception that I added scallions as a garnish.  Slight amount of heat from the crushed red pepper flakes, but was perfectly balanced with the herbs and broth.  Bok choy, cilantro, onion, basil, plum preserves, toasted sesame seeds, soy sauce, chicken broth and linguini combined with some culinary wizardry.
By the way...what is a sesame!  we have sesame seeds, but I've never seen it grow into a sesame!
(have to admit, I stole that joke from Mitch Hedberg)

Marty even described how it should be plated and it was awesome.  The kind of dish that you use a fork...THEN a spoon to get all the broth.  I got 5 thumbs up on this dish, and accepted the compliments on behave of the dish's author.  All I did was follow instructions.

The smiles are half because of the camera, and half because we were all so enjoying the meal.
Good food, good friends...a good time had by all.


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