Home Made Shrimp Caesar Salad with Fried Green Tomatoes

I've never done a Caesar salad from scratch and turns out that it is very easy.  The recipe from my mom's book called for the spice, Accent.  Remember that stuff?  They didn't have it, so I whipped out the iPhone to search for a substitute.  Turns out all Accent is.....MSG.  So I left it out.  I remember my mom using that stuff all the time.

olive oil, garlic, lemon juice the refrigerate 

mix dry mustard, salt/pepper, recipe called for Accent, 
but I just used a dash of seasoning salt

beat an egg, mix it with the olive oil mixture.  pour it over Romaine lettuce, 
and sprinkle croutons & parmesan cheese. 

I sautéed the shrimp with olive oil, butter and garlic

So while at the store, I noticed they had some green tomatoes.  
Until just a few weeks ago, I thought that fried green tomatoes were 
just unripened tomatoes, and not just a different variety of 
tomato with a pretty good flavor.

I didn't want to batter or flour dredge, so all I did was add salt and pepper and 
fry in a small amount of oil

Here is the plating.  Another successful meal under my belt!

Close up of the Fried Green Tomatoes!!!


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