chicken pesto & mozzarella rolls

I harvested some basil today, so of course, pesto was on my mind.  Dutchie said that she wanted chicken, so I scoured recipes and found this.  Pretty simple actually.  Pound out chicken, slather with pesto, add mozzarella, roll up and secure with toothpicks, and bake.
close up of the pesto and mozzarella.  Basil came from our garden.  Mozzarella was the kind that you can buy in cherry sized balls.  Fresh indeed.

Dont use colored toothpicks, cause it transferred to the chicken.  
Weird to see red and blue within the chicken.
I had some beets, so I decided to roast them,  I wasnt quite sure how I'd use them, but I love the taste of roasted beets.  I ended up just using them as a side dish with a quick and easy vinaigrette.  DELISH!!!

Once the chicken rolls are cooked and rested....I sliced them.
Most of the mozzarella melted out into the baking dish, but I DID eat some of it, 
even though it was soaking in the juices from the baking (oil from pesto and chicken lovelies).
Chicken still had some of the cheese flavor, but I wish I had added the melted bits 
BACK to the chicken when served.
This is what it looked like paired with a salad that included some herbs from the garden.
I was VERY excited about how well this turned out.  It was extremely good, and I got thumbs up 
from all involved.  This was a fun, simple meal with flavors that complemented each other extremely well.  I will be doing this combo again!!! 


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