Never done ribs in a smoker.....til now!!!

My long time friend, Bill McGonnell, got a new job!!!  He is the production manager at The Exchange.  GREAT gig, and we are happy for him.  SO, needing a reason to use my new smoker...We invited his family over for a bar-be-que.  They brought over Shiner's new summer beer, Ruby Redbird, made with grapefruit and ginger.  Yes, Please!!!!!!  advertised as the perfect summer beer, and I concur!

Armed with some suggestions online, I made a spicy dry rub and Dutchie made some homemade bbq sauce (sweet and tangy).  The combination was great, cause my spice was high, and her sweet cut it back to just right!
So slab o ribs, chicken legs and breast will feel the wrath of the smoke!

Lots o spice!  heat elements...cayenne and paprika, also brown sugar, garlic, onion, seasoning salt and a few other surprises.

one of the side dishes was an old standby of mine, baked sour cream and corn, I have been making this for over 15 years and it never disappoints.  Sounds (and maybe even looks) gross, but I PROMISE you this is all kinds of yummy!!!!!!  This photo is pre-cook and doesn't yet contain the topping of bacon and parsley.  This is one of my absolutely favorite dishes.  Want the recipe?  Ask me...I MIGHT give it away.

Some of you may know that I lost a branch, prematurely, from my peach tree and was in danger of losing several peach nuggetts.  This is the first thing we did with the saved peaches....peach cobbler with thyme biscuits.  Paired with leftover homemade vanilla ice cream.

After 4 1/2 hours in smoker, the internal temp was right, and this is what my bark looked like!  I'm very proud of my first rib attempt.  Went Texas style, which is a dry rub, that may or may not contain sauce, but always on the side.  We choose to have sauce, thank goodness, cause the chicken needed it.

After 2 hours, I got an excellent smoky flavor, but a bit dry.  Not totally, 
but sauce took it back to that other level!

enjoying food and friends!!!!!

Wish I would have taken more photos, as the McG's pasta salad and our vinegar coleslaw are unfairly NOT represented here, but I was too busy tending to my smoke fire.  
Had to keep adding wood and charcoal.  Was totally worth it!

What you aren't seeing in this photo is the 3 rug rats who were enjoying the 
chicken legs at the kids table!!


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