Vegetable Stir Fry

I had no plans to blog about this meal.  Zachary had a bad sore throat, so we fixed
him double noodle chicken soup.  I was just going to throw something together.

We had discussed chicken stir fry or a grilled napa cabbage asian salad, so I had that 
on the brain.  We just got our co-op vegetables and I had ordered
an extra asian themed veggie pack, so I knew we had what
we needed.  This was just going to be a quick and simple stir fry, which actually it was.

I didn't take any photos at all, until it tasted so good.
Then I plated up the leftovers, just for you!

I started chopping up veggies, and Dutchie headed out the the garden.
Her main goal was mint for our mojitos, but she also
got some swiss chard, cilantro and arugela for the stir fry.
I chopped ginger, garlic, celery, snap peas, red bell pepper, jalapeno, bok choy,
pears, onion and water chestnut.
I heated some peanut oil in the wok, added a squirt of sesame oil and 
started adding veggies in order of how long they would cook.

After things were heating, I added soy sauce and tabasco soy sauce.

I put some basmati rice in the rice cooker with some dried thyme.
Plating was simply a yin-yang design with cilantro
sprinkled on top.

The ginger and the swiss chard were the stand out of this fresh
and delicious meal.  I started out with chop sticks, but halfway
through I had to switch to a fork to shovel it in more effectively.

2 out of 3 flock fed!
Father was extremely pleased at how well this turned out.


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