Hobo Stew While Camping

This is actually one of my favorite parts of going camping...using my cast iron
dutch oven to make stew!  I love it.
The Dutchess pre cut all the veggies:
potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, garlic and corn from the cob.
I started by coating some stew meat with flour, corn starch and salt.
I seared it for a few minutes with a bit of oil.  The coals
were extra hot when I started, and this didn't take too long.
I tried something for the first time, I added neck bones to add flavor.
They did their job, and the stew turned out extraawesome.

After I had achieved brown-ness, I put the pre chopped veggies, beef stock
and herbs (rosemary and thyme) into the mix.

I nursed this for about an hour.  Stirring constantly
to maintain even cooking.

We forgot to bring a mixing bowl, but I was a boy scout, so we improvised
and mixed the cornbread mixture (from scratch, but pre measured) in the
ziplock baggy that the dry mix was in.  Worked perfectly.

Stew thickened up nicely with the flour, corn starch and a little
help from the potatoes.

Darth was along for the ride providing the music.
He is a radio, cd player and we can hook up the
iPod to it as well.  Of course it was tuned to Radio Disney
most of the time, but thats what happens when you have a 6 year old.
The Dutchess mixing up a batch of camping mojitos!!!

This probably isn't the most efficient way to bake cornbread,
but it worked like a champ and we each had a nice golden piece of cb.

The stew turned out awesome.  I removed the neck bones and set them 
aside for our dogs.  They thought they had died and gone to heaven.

Dutchie and I each had two servings as this stuff was so good.
Plus when your camping, food seems to take on a different and more 
intense flavor.

Even in the "wilderness" of a Texas State Park...
the flock was fed!


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