AGAIN?!? We went rogue for Easter Dinner...J-Liver's Proper Chicken Caesar

If you've ever read this blog, you may have gathered that I like Jamie Oliver.
I REALLY like his Proper Chicken Caesar recipe.  It is, by far,
the recipe that I have made the most since starting FFF.
It is 2D4!
I added a new ingredient, 2 ways.

The recipe calls for chicken legs.  I've tried legs, thighs and now a whole chicken.
Its a tie for the best between the legs and the whole, however the latter leaves
the croutons a bit soggy, but that just means that you have to 
add an extra step to crisps them back up.
The trick is to take some chiabatta bread, cube it, and put it in a baking dish.
Toss with olive oil, rosemary & s/p.
Put your chicken (with olive oil, rosemary & s/p) on top of the bread.
This allows the juice from the chicken to permeate the croutons while it cooks.
The result is AWESOME!

I added some raw kale to the traditional romaine lettuce, to add
 a few extra healthy bits.  Possibly to counter act the bacon and sour cream.
My mother used to dry the lettuce wrapped up in a towel, 
I continue this tradition.

Recipe calls for much more bacon than this, 12 thin strips, but even I think that is too much.

Use a mortar/pestle to smush up the anchovies and garlic.
This is the fun part, I love to use a m/p!

The dressing continues with 1 part lemon juice to 3 parts olive oil.

At the last minute, I thought that I would add some different crunch
to compliment the croutons.  I roasted some kale and crumbled
it over the salad.

The chicken was ready in about an hour, but with the amount of
juice from the white meat, I had to put the croutons back
in the oven to crisp them.
I prefer the white meat taste, but the croutons do turn out
better when cooked with legs.  
I am willing to take the extra step, also cause it leaves almost half
a chicken for leftovers.

Add parmesan, dollop of sour cream, lemon/evoo, bacon together
and mix to get this creamy ooey goodness.

We normally just have the salad by itself, as it makes a fairly robust meal, but
I kept one of the chicken legs back for Zachary to eat with his portion.

This was probably the least traditional Easter meal that we've ever had, but
we enjoyed every bite.  

So, yet again, the father feeds his flock proper chicken caesar salad!


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