Caesar Pork Chops roasted over Portabella Mushys with Mashed Cauliflower

This one is ALL ME BABY!
I came up with the recipe, and it was a hit with the flock.

First I put 4 pork chops in a large zip lock baggy and I put in a bit of
olive oil, creamy caesar dressing and lemon, and marinated it for about 2 hours.

I then placed them on top of a layer of mushy rooms and red onions.
I roasted them in the oven, alternating the setting from broil to bake,
to get a few bits of crispys on the chops.

While the greatness was getting heat.
I put a large head of cauliflower into a pot with some salt and lemons.
I boiled it until soft.

Then I added some half & half, butter and salt 
and mashed it with a tool.

If you look hard you may notice that one of the pork chops has a bit missing.
That is cause, once again, I was so eager to taste this, that I forgot to 
photograph it.  After a few bites, I came to my senses
and grabbed the camera.
The chops were juicy and delicious.
The marinade provided a tang, that was complimented well
with the mushys and onions.

Fed, the flock has been!


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