Mediterranean One-Dish Meal

This was another one of the recipes that the Dutchess got out
of a magazine while waiting at a doctors office.
Sounded good, and Zach likes sausage, so we had a winner for dinner.
I started with sweet italian turkey sausage.

I browned it with some chopped onions. 

After the sausage was browned and the onions tender, I added some garlic
and garden dried oregano, and cooked for about 2 more minutes.

Recipe called only for spinach, but I also had swiss chard and arulega
in the garden, so I used all three.

I added diced tomatoes (low sodium, of course) with juice from can, kalamata olives, 
black olives and quinoa.  Brought this to a boil, then 
topped it with the greens (chopped) and cooked it until
all the liquid was gone.

after I plated, I added some feta cheese.

I was FULLY prepared for Zachary to not eat a bite of this.
To my surprise, he liked it.  He concentrated on the sausage, but ate a few
bites of the other bits of goodness too.
The Dutchess and I both liked this dish quite a bit.
It was a healthy and tasty meal, that was
filling and satisfying.  I was worried as I cooked, cause the tastings
were lacking a bit, but once everything was done, and the feta 
was added, the flavors came together quite well, and was
very mediterranean tasting.

Πατέρας τροφοδοτείται το ποίμνιό του με διεθνή αέρα
Which means "Father fed his flock with an international flair" in Greek.


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