Rotisserie Chicken

Trying to lay off of carbs for a while, as doc says to drop about 20lbs.
Put the chicken in a large bag with 3 cloves of garlic, olive oil, s/p and rosemary from the garden and let that marinate all day long.

No potatoes for a while, so the next best thing (possibly even better), is mashed cauliflower!!!!
This turned into an awesome dinner, and was very easy.

For a bit of added goodness, I stuffed a bunch of orange slices and a bunch more rosemary sprigs 
into the cavity of the chicken.

90 minutes on the spigot and I had THIS!!!!

So put together with the mash and some mini cucumbers...
this is what we enjoyed tonight!!!!

But wait....there's more.
Since I had a chicken skeleton, I thought...hhmmmm.

I plopped the bones, skin, salt and rosemary into a pot, added some water and some onions, simmered for about an hour, strained out all the solids...
Viola!!!!!  Homemade chicken stock!



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