Chicken Swiss Burger with Romaine Lettuce buns

Dutchie asked for gourmet chicken burgers tonight for dinner.  I was happy to oblige.  Luckily our local Target carries ground chicken, none of our other local store do.  I added an egg, shredded english vintage yellow cheddar (tastes like parmesan), lots of fresh garden herbs, s/p and a secret sprinkle of fresh ground nutmeg right before grilling....sssshhhh.

We are watching our carbs so I knew that fries or buns were out of the question.  We had some romaine left over, so I took the outer leaves, cut them in half, flipped the top half, replaced it over bottom half, thus making each "end" of the bun as wide as it can be.  Doing this twice got me a top and bottom "bun".  Radicchio, avocado, cucumbers and thinly slice red onions were on hand for garnish.  This still didn't fill the void of french fried pertaters!!!!

We are such dorks, that all 3 of us were excited to have kale chips.   If you haven't tried this yet...fore shame!
Something extremely bizarre happens when you broil kale with a drizzle of olive oil and sea salt....It tastes like butter (buddaaa).  This is true eating in paradise.  I'm sure its really good for you with its anti-oxi what-its, but I cook it because it tastes awesome.  Don't believe me?
I challenge anyone who hasn't tried this, to do so!
If do can defend!

A little mayo and Grey Poupon, and this is one tasty burger!
The kale chips are hiding behind the lettuce burger.  
My "photo shoot" was with it open faced, to show how awesome of a sandwich artist I am AND had the chips placed artfully and creatively in the foreground.  It wasn't working for me, so as I sat down to eat looking at the photos I saw that you couldn't tell it was a burger/sandwich at all.  
I took this shot right before I inhaled this thing!!!!

Zachary pulled a veto, even though his was made with bread as the bun, he thought it was spicy (pepper was only spice, but to each their own). 

He had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,
we have lunch tomorrow!  ;)


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