Grilled Tilapia with Mango Peach Salsa

Kept seeing mangos at the Kroger so I wanted to do some mango salsa.  Found this recipe on my Allrecipes iPhone spinner app.  Very cool, check it out if applicable.
We had some tilapia filets so I went and got mangos, peaches (I added peaches to recipe), red peppers and broccoli.  Went off recipe and marinated the fish with some of the salsa too (it called for oil, garlic and parsley).  This helped out A LOT!  I wanted rice to finish out the dish.  The salsa was so colorful, that plain rice just wouldn't cut it.
I shredded some parsnips and carrots and added parsley.  WOW, Basmati rice sure does suck in and hold flavor.  I got three thumbs up from the family, even Zachary!


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