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I'm trying a new design that is much more eye appealing.  I lost the guestbook as it didn't do what I wanted (you could only post one comment).  PLUS NO ONE was posting comments anyway.
I got a posting in mind regarding Cousin Mike's Zesty sauce, and even though that meal happened a week or so ago, that will be the next post more then likely.  Tonight is rest of filet mignon steaks with green beans and broccoli.  Nothing too exciting, so I will spare you.

I may start begging soon, but I sure would like to see MUCH more interaction on this site.
I get emails/messages AL THE TIME regarding my cooking posts, but so far, not many comments on the blog.  I know that having to be a "member" is somewhat of a deterrent, but please sign up so you can post your comments.

Have a recipe you want me to try and post?
Think I'm full of it?
Think I shouldn't waste me time with such inane ventures?
Hate steak?
Hate Kale chips?
Love Kale chips?

I've had one recipe challenge from my friend, and restauranteur, Marty Roper, but it uses noodles, and we are watching carbs now, so it will have to be amended or postponed.  Its Tuna Steak, so I'm very anxious to try it!

I  will gladly entertain any and all challenges.  I like cooking and figuring out things I have not tried before, so make it difficult.

I need to go water my garden, so stop talking to me!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Never tried Kale chips, but I love other veggie chips (eggplant, turnip, carrot, etc.) I will let you know what I think once I try them.


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