A few bits and pieces

For Zacharys 5th birthday party, we had a star wars theme. Not only did darth vader and a storm trooper show up, but the theme included snacks too. We had yoda punch, vadered eggs, dagoba dip, bantha fodder, hognaughts in a blanket and tauntaun droppings. These were respectively sprite/sherbet punch, deviled eggs, spinach/parm dip, veggies, mini corn dogs and brownie bites. I think it was a huge success and has already become a treasured memory.

And now for something completely different....

We went to Whiskey Cake (a farm to fork restaurant) two nights ago. We've been there on several occasions, but the green devil, or fairy, depending on which circles you roll in, made this an interesting first experience. Whiskey Cake offers several old school cocktails, one which includes Absinthe (they just line the rim with it). Having recently watched the movie, Get Him to the Greek, I was curious to taste it. I asked the waiter if he could make me a true absinthe drink, off the menu. As he was coming back, I smelled IT about 10 feet away. The slightly greenish elizor has a licorice flavor. It was quite a fun experience. If you take a little into your mouth, swish it around for full flavor, AND THEN inhale....wow, what an intense feeling. It is close to forcing you to cough. I hope they will do this for me on each visit!!!


  1. The party food sounds like a fun time for the kiddos! What a great theme!

    I've been wanting to try Whiskey Cake since you first mentioned it on Facebook. That drink sounds ridiculous but tempting. Get Him to the Greek was pretty hilarious in my opinion.


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