(Say it with a Peter Brady, imitating James Cagney, kind of thing)....Pork Chops....and Apple Sauce!

<homage to Buddy, even though I took it post grill>

So heres the story....
of a cook named Todd.
Who was dealing, with a very lovely flock.
There was 3 of them, all together....
yet they ate real good!!!!

Ok, grammer police, I'm just trying to make a point, 
or rather bring up a popular cultural reference!
One of my tv heros passed away today, Sherwood Schwartz.
Creator of the Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island (he also wrote the theme songs to each).
I've read 2 biographies, and additional books on the specific shows, about him, and I have always been fascinated with him, and his "genius".  I put quotes because this is ALSO the man who created the Brady's, a drama based on the Brady family that didn't last even the first season.  
Brady Bunch variety Hour anyone?!?!?!?!

But I digress...kind of....
Thinking about what to cook for dinner this morning, I immediately thought...pork chops and apples sauce!  Man, that Peter Brady scene was classic!  I can't even begin to think about pork chops without, in my head, saying "..and applesauce", in the same James Cagney accent that Peter was rocking in order to "find HIS own identity".
So we've had this meal many times, and I got the stuff to make homemade apple sauce this time.

It wasn't until after I had thought up this meal, bought all its ingredients, that I heard about Sherwood's passing.                               
moment of silence

Brussels sprouts, roasted, is what will accompany the pc & as
(PorkChops & AppleSauce)
I halved the sprouts, chopped some onion, 
put on a few sprigs of 
garden rosemary, s/p and walnut oil.
I wish you could smell this photo!!!!
the house smelled of rosemary

Paired with a Shiraz/Cab, the pork chops and applesauce
with roasted brussells sprouts and red onion, this meal
was TD4.  <to die for, as my mom would always say>

My favorite is taking a bite 
of pork and putting applesauce on it....
drool.....that's the good stuff!!!

This meal is dedicated to Sherwood Schwartz!!!
"Pork Chops.........and Apple Sauce!"


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