Lobster Spaghetti! 'Nuff said!

I was so anxious to eat this, that I rushed the photos, and didn't come out with good ones.
But that doesn't mean for a second that this wasn't a home run hit to the upper decks.  After flipping thru some cookbooks (Gordon Ramsay and Food and Wine), I was coming up empty with ideas.
However, while watching some cooking shows and discussing dinner, I saw a lobster diablo dish that 
reminded me of lobster spaghetti.  Our Kroger sells both lobster tails and cooked whole lobsters.
The tails looked like the would provide the most meat, as the whole lobsters were much smaller.  At the same price it was a no brainer.
Dinner will be awesome!!!

I hit the internet and googled lobster spaghetti, and sure enough, I found a recipe from
Gordon Ramsay, and headed to get some groceries.  Fairly simple dish that starts with cherry tomatoes, onion and garlic, cooked down, then add white wine, some for the dish...
some for the chef!!!
In the meantime, cook the pasta and lobster.  Cut the white gold into bite sized chunks.  
Add cream and lobster.

I added the cooked pasta to this pan to soak up ALL the flavor.
Sprinkle with basil and shaved parmesan cheese and serve the yummy!

I wasn't sure the above picture showed much lobster, so I stopped SHOVELING this in my mouth 
long enough to take this close up.

To say Dutchie and Zachary liked this dish is the biggest understatement of the year.
I am a very happy camper to have provided such great tasting food for my flock!!!


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