Library Cookbook: Jamie Oliver at Home: Proper Chicken Caesar Salad

Rosemary bacon!  I knew that would get ya!!

So my journey into Jamie's cookbook continued, another recipe that caught my eye was his Proper Chicken Caesar Salad.  Again very rustic, and the recipe had the most interesting take on making the croutons.  I took his recipe and altered it to fit my desires, for example, his called to wrap the chicken with the bacon during cooking, but I fried it with rosemary instead.

So the interesting thing about this recipe is the method of making the croutons.  I cut up some Italian bread, but a little olive oil and rosemary on them and put the in the bottom of a roasting dish.  Then I put a seasoned and herbed chicken on top of them and roasted it!  The juices dripped down into the bread, and yes...the best crouton I had ever had.

I took it out of the oven and cut it into 4 large chunks with most of the bones removed.  Zachary wanted chicken legs for his meal, so that is why the bones are still there.  I continued to cook to make sure the bread got nice and crunchy

These croutons are worth having in your bag of tricks, cause they 
are rustic and decadent at the same time.  So many things going on...the crunch of the bread, the taste from the chicken juice, the rosemary hint, the olive oil.  It almost doesn't need the chicken at this point!

So I sliced the chicken very thin and put it on some exotic greens that my local Kroger is stocking now.
Made the wet elements for the salad which did not include a raw egg, but did include anchovies, capers, garlic and lots of lemon juice.

Another great meal from Jamie Oliver that the father used to successfully feed his flock!!!


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