Mediterranean Chicken with Savory Fruit Compote and Vegetable Pearl Couscous and Squash Towers

Tonights meal was all me baby!  
No recipes, just a bunch of stuff I needed to get out of the fridge before it spoiled.

I marinated chicken thighs with garlic, capers, olive oil and s/p.  We got some Israeli (Pearl) couscous today, so I had to cook that.  I sautéed up some garlic, carrots, orange bell peppers, pine nuts, shallots and put aside for the couscous.

I had a savory fruit topping in mind for my chicken.  I didn't want a fruit cocktail, sweet taste, so I savory-ed it up!  I blended apples, strawberries, tomatoes, plum, garlic and balsamic vinegar.  This turned out very well, the chicken thighs were complemented nicely.  I have some left, so I'm thinking I might try it on pork.

I used our stovetop cast iron grill and got some nice lines on the thighs.  Every time I use this thing, I have to open front/back door to keep the smoke down.

I had some yellow squash hanging out so I made some squash towers.
I got the idea from The Keg.
This meal turned out very well.

Zachary wasn't a big fan of the couscous, but he liked the chicken.
Another flock has been fed!


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