Blackened Salmon with Red Cabbage Slaw and Brochette

Dutchie wanted something light tonight, so I fixed blackened salmon, vinegar based slaw and brochette with roasted garlic and pickled okra (on cheddar/jalapeno biscuits).

I used the homemade rib rub that I had leftover from the initial rib experience.  
Got 3 thumbs up on the salmon.  I used the cast iron skillet to get a great seal from the rub.  I left the rub off of Zach's piece, as I remember it being a bit spicy for him.
The slaw wasn't as big of a hit, it was good, but didn't seem to mesh well with the salmon.
The brochettes turned out good.

The other day was a different story

I fixed, what I thought would be a FFF worthy dinner the other night, Chicken 3 Ways.
I did Rosy's Japanese Chicken, traditional hot wings, and lemon pepper wings.  I made an awesome oriental soy based sauce for one, honey barbeque for another, and fresh lemon zest and cracked black pepper for the other.  Utilizing corn starch for the first time frying, I now have a new way to ALWAYS do it.  So crispy and the wings were some of, if not the best I've ever eaten....let alone cooked.
I was snapping photos left and right, documenting all aspects of preparing this awesome meal.
The meal WAS awesome, but most of the photos are out of focus or just plain bad photography.  I choose not to even blog it, and I was very disappointed.  Hey sometimes they taste better than they look.


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